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Influencer marketing in the B2C and B2B sectors

Access to all influencer channels, from very small to extremely large reach.

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About ChannelBuzz

8000+ Successful influencer campaigns

Extensive experience since 2010, access to all channels, all influencers for every suitable target group, and corresponding price range.

The diversity of our influencer community

Our influencers cover a wide range of interests, from the latest fashion trends to exciting gaming content, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle and personal development. Learn more about our diverse community and be inspired by their passion and expertise.

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Influencer Marketing. Your brand, our reach!

Influencer Marketing Full Service (from a budget of €10,000)

We manage your influencer marketing campaign from the idea, campaign management to reporting completely for you. Get professional advice, save costs, valuable time, and nerves, and lead your campaign to the desired goals with our help.

Self-Campaign-Service (possible from a budget of €1,000)

If you want to independently and uncomplicatedly set up your campaign in our system, book all influencers interested in your campaign individually, and communicate directly with them, then our Self-Campaign-Service is just right for you!

Influencer-Marketing Software

Are you still managing your campaigns through Excel sheets? Do you want to centrally manage all campaigns and view and record all key metrics? Then let us introduce you to our software and benefit from fair monthly rates.

Strong growth

TesterWorld - Word of Mouth-Marketing

With TesterWorld, you have access to one of the largest product testing communities in the DACH region: more than 480,000 testers and over 14 years of experience through thousands of successfully implemented influencer and product testing campaigns in all industries. Individual and professional marketing and market research campaigns that you can use profitably and effectively.

HR-Creator - Personnel Acquisition

You’re looking for new employees for your open positions, but you’re only getting a few applications in your inbox and you’re no longer reaching the younger generation with traditional job ads and apprentice days?

No problem – We know exactly how to effectively reach this generation. Easily attract new employees and numerous applications for your open positions.

Influencer-Marketing Workshop

We advise your team, your employees on all topics related to influencer marketing.


What added value do we offer?

Dive into over a decade of expertise, exclusive access, and tailored services that make your influencer campaigns unforgettable successes.


Access to all influencers

Easily reach your target audience from a global network of influencers across all relevant platforms.


14 years of experience

Benefit from years of experience to design successful campaigns and increase your brand awareness.


Access to VIPs

Opt for top-notch collaborations and increase your brand awareness through partnerships with celebrities.


Intensive knowledge

Rely on comprehensive industry knowledge to form the best partnerships for your campaign.


Market-oriented pricing policy

Get unbeatable value for your influencer marketing investment.


True influencer experts

Work with a team of professionals who are passionately dedicated to the world of influencer marketing.


Influencer analysis tools

We don’t just highlight our own software, but have access to all analysis tools available on the market.


Individual bookings

You don’t want to implement an entire influencer marketing campaign with us, but only book individual influencers? That’s no problem for us either!


Planning & setup of your software

We offer customized solutions for our clients by taking into account their individual needs and goals.

About ChannelBuzz

Does this dilemma sound familiar to you?

In the opaque jungle of the influencer marketing world, we can help you create a clear path and open the doors to a successful journey. With our experience and customized solution, we support you in navigating safely through all challenges.

Are you swimming in the influencer jungle?

When the multitude of influencers and platforms seems overwhelming, we are your guide for clear and successful campaigns.

Looking for clear strategies for individual bookings?

With our support, you can collaborate flexibly and efficiently with the best influencers.

Not the right influencers?

The search for the right influencers can be time-consuming, and often inquiries go unanswered. Uncertain about justified prices? Our expertise not only guarantees you legal security but also saves you valuable time, nerves, and costs.

Your influencer campaigns feel aimless?

When your campaigns feel chaotic, we bring order with targeted strategies and individually tailored solutions.

Lack the right connections?

If you lack access to leading influencers and celebrities, we provide exclusive contacts to the most influential personalities.

Analysetools zu komplex?

If analysis tools puzzle you, we provide simple solutions for clear insights into campaign success.

Price policy giving you a headache?

When uncertain about prices and budgets, you can rely on our market-oriented pricing policy.

If your software lacks the right features?

We build the solution that fits you perfectly, for a smooth and efficient performance.

Unleash the full potential!

With our support, you can unleash the full potential of your influencer collaborations and maximize your reach and influence.


NANO Influencers


MICRO Influencers


MACRO Influencers


VIP's & Celebrities


We have them all for YOUR campaign

With us, you have access to all influencer channels: from Instagram to TikTok and YouTube, to blogs, and all other social media platforms. Whether you prefer nano, micro, macro, or even celebrities – we can select them ALL for your campaign.

Why us

Unleash your influencer potential with us!

Dive into the world of limitless possibilities in influencer marketing. With us, doors open to every influencer, whether it’s an up-and-coming talent or a social media icon. Let’s achieve your goals together and benefit from our 14 years of experience.

Expertise to benefit from – for a tailored success story on the right platforms and at the best price. Whether you’re a startup or an established global corporation, we are your key to effective influencer marketing.

Comprehensive access to the entire influencer market:

We offer you access to all influencers, from small nano-channels to VIPs and macro-channels with millions of reach.

Expertise in selecting the best social media channels

Our portfolio not only includes all available influencers, but we also know which social media channel delivers the best results for your goals and your budget.

Versatile platforms, maximum potential.

Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, blogs, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, X, podcasts, or Facebook – we harness the full potential of these platforms for your campaign.

Over 14 years of experience in planning and managing campaigns

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you professional planning and management of influencer marketing campaigns.

Best media prices for every influencer channel

Thanks to our long-standing presence since 2010, we guarantee you the best media prices for collaborating with influencers on various platforms.

Targeted support for startups and global corporations

Regardless of the size of your company – whether it’s a startup or a global corporation – we offer you professional and targeted assistance in the field of influencer marketing.

Target audience

Who is ChannelBuzz for

Prepare to take your influencer marketing journey to the next level. We understand that every client is unique, so we offer customized solutions to meet your specific goals. Learn how our expertise and exclusive access can make your influencer marketing more successful!

Target audience

Emerging companies

As an emerging company, you get access to cost-effective yet highly effective influencer campaigns to quickly and sustainably establish your brand.

Target audience


We help them make their clients happy and successful. The advantage for the agency is that we are a professional and perfect sparring partner, saving them a lot of time and effort, allowing them to relax. Agencies that do not yet offer influencer marketing can expand their portfolio thanks to our services.

Target audience

Marketing professionals

For marketing professionals, we offer a wide range of tools, analyses, and strategies to optimize your existing campaigns and reach new heights.

Target audience

Startups and founders

Startups and founders not only get access to influencers, but also support in developing a successful social media strategy from scratch.

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Our process - how we work

Discover why influencer marketing and collaborating with ChannelBuzz are beneficial for you.


Meeting &
Topic Introduction

We learn about your goals and products.


Idea development & campaign presentation

We develop a creative concept for an authentic and successful campaign, taking into account your objectives.


Influencer analysis & presentation

We show you all influencers interested in your campaign and perfectly matched in a preliminary analysis.


Influencer approval & collaboration contracts

We commission selected influencers & develop all collaboration contracts legally secure and clean.


Campaign control & monitoring & content planning

No content goes online just like that! We manage your campaign professionally from A to Z.


Reporting & Analysis

To ensure that each of our campaigns is effective, we regularly record key metrics and create detailed reports that reflect the experiences of our campaigns.

About us

Learn influencer marketing directly from experts & industry leaders

Do you want to learn the secret behind successful influencer campaigns? At ChannelBuzz, we don’t just share information – we provide insights from the experts who set the standards.

Florian Frech

Founder & CEO

Laura Horeth

Campaign Management Leadership

Oliver Gleinser

Software & TesterWorld Leadership

Your all-in-one solution in influencer marketing

ChannelBuzz brings influencers and advertisers together, takes care of campaign planning from ideation to end reporting, and offers flexible options – from full control to providing individual influencers.

Effective audience targeting on social networks

Benefit from verified influencer channels for effortless product placements on social networks. Particularly valuable: your marketing campaign easily reaches the advertising-relevant target group of teenagers and young adults.

Let’s talk about your goals and launch successful influencer marketing campaigns. As experts, we provide personal consultation for social media and marketing departments, as well as individual strategy analysis for effective online and offline campaigns.

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With more than 14 years of experience, we are the right partner by your side. We are your experts in influencer marketing. We look forward to working with you.