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Toy sector

For years, we have been serving numerous clients from the toy industry and can perfectly support our customers here with strong expertise. Below you can see an insight into the results of a campaign. Our client paid only €0.06 per person reached and generated an increase in attention of 1,683%.

Overall, the 9 influencers had a net reach of 2,600,000 followers and achieved an engagement rate of 20%.

“ChannelBuzz can not only always deliver the right influencers quickly and accurately but also has wonderful ideas on how we can successfully promote the respective products with influencers.”

Pregnancy sector

In this campaign, the main challenge was that it is a very sensitive topic. Our team had to know in advance which women want to get pregnant so that they also fit perfectly with the cycle tracker and our campaign. But especially with sensitive topics, we know exactly how to proceed and can effectively support our customers in this regard.

“From the first contact to the discussion of the results, ChannelBuzz works more than just professionally. We could rely on the team in every respect.”

Car battery sector

For us, influencer marketing is not just about holding products in front of the camera and saying ‘SWIPE UP.’ We know exactly which channels to find the right expert channels for our clients. This is how we were able to convince YUASA, the world’s leading manufacturer of car and motorcycle batteries, of our expertise.

“From the very first minute, we felt well taken care of at ChannelBuzz and are continuously more than satisfied with the results.”

Deodorant sector

Another rather sensitive topic is the products from PURAX for extreme sweating. With our selection of the right influencers, our client still receives clicks on their videos published in 2018. We call this long-term and profitable use of marketing budget. Our client only needed 0.03€ to reach one person. To this day, our client generates sales through these campaigns.

“We are more than overwhelmed and overjoyed, as a rather small company it was important to us that our budget is invested wisely. Now, for the 3rd consecutive year, we are generating revenue through the influencer marketing campaign managed by ChannelBuzz in 2018.”

Amazon sales sector

We’ve helped numerous Amazon sellers increase their sales. With us, you can create demand for your Amazon products outside of Amazon and reach your potential target audience through suitable influencer channels. In this example, over 16,000 clicks and a revenue of over €4,600 were generated in a short time. The Amazon seller had invested €1,200 for this.

“We didn’t think it would work, but we were convinced otherwise.”

Finance sector

You want to book channels where 100% of the target audience is present? You are a company in the finance or insurance sector? No problem, we know how to convey your message to your target audience and where to find the right expert channels for you.

“It’s comparable to booking a spot in a good expert TV show or magazine, except that it’s all happening not in print or TV, but online through perfectly fitting bloggers and YouTubers. We have now booked annual campaigns through ChannelBuzz.”

Pet food sector

Dog, cat, horse… whether it’s about regular food for the animals or even supplements. In this area too, we use all channels that either have the corresponding pet, the pet itself runs a channel (=Petfluencer), or it’s an expert channel in general about horses, dogs, or cats. Save time, nerves, and costs and let us steer your campaign to reach pet owners.

“The selected channels sometimes had more expertise than we ourselves had in the company. This has led us to now develop products with individual influencers and run long-term successful campaigns.”

Trade fair sector

The task was to build a completely new area called CAKE IT (a kind of baking world with workshops) for our client (Messe Stuttgart). To do this, we selected suitable baking influencers who then offered their workshops to visitors on all days of the fair and also educated them about ‘healthy’ baking.

“The new area was a complete success, and all workshops by the participating influencers were fully booked on all days of the fair. ChannelBuzz not only helped us find the right influencers but also with the complete organization and implementation of the new trade fair area.”

B2B sector

Ten years ago, we already had the first B2B campaigns in the area of blog marketing and have repeatedly implemented pure B2B campaigns for our clients. This campaign targeted a rather niche audience: LINUX users in companies. We found the right channels and were able to make our client happy more than once.

“We didn’t think influencer marketing would work in our sector, but with ChannelBuzz, we not only got excellent channels with tremendous expertise, but also generated numerous inquiries and sales through the campaigns.”


Our process - how we work

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Meeting &
Topic Introduction

We learn about your goals and products.


Idea development & campaign presentation

We develop a creative concept for an authentic and successful campaign, taking into account your objectives.


Influencer analysis & presentation

We show you all influencers interested in your campaign and perfectly matched in a preliminary analysis.


Influencer approval & collaboration contracts

We commission selected influencers & develop all collaboration contracts legally secure and clean.


Campaign control & monitoring & content planning

No content goes online just like that! We manage your campaign professionally from A to Z.


Reporting & Analysis

To ensure that each of our campaigns is effective, we regularly record key metrics and create detailed reports that reflect the experiences of our campaigns.

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